September 10th, 2009

Dear Adele,

Enclosed are the pictures I said I would send to you.  My narrative to the pictures:

Picture # 1…I haven’t worn a belt or tucked anything in, in years and because I’ve had to replace my wardrobe, I’ve had to also find new stores to shop in since my old styles and stores don’t fit anymore.  These shorts (size 6…my size in all bottoms now!) represent my 1st shopping trip to J Crew outlet where my 23 year old daughter and I shopped in the same store! (She’s been a size 4 for years and is now borrowing some of my tops, sweater, and belts… I never thought that would ever happen!)  It’s been great fun wearing things that I never pictured myself wearing!
Picture #2…was taken @ my husband’s request (I don’t think I would have taken this picture to send to anyone but I’m sending it @ his request).  This is significant to him because, when I asked him to take a picture to send to you.  He said he wanted something to signify what has meant the most to him.  He’s excited for me losing weight because I feel so much better about the way I look but he’s more excited about me being able to get up @ 6:30 or 7 every morning, feeling well rested, with plenty of energy, and heading downstairs to work out every morning.  He loves the fact that I feel good all day, I can think and remember things, that I have the energy to accomplish so much during the day, and that I truly enjoy myself.  Daily life is fun rather than an effort to get through because my health is 100% better than any other time in our 31 years of marriage.  Even in the most stressful times, I feel much calmer and able to handle whatever life brings for the day.  That’s what he wanted a picture sent to you to represent.  (Picture working out with weights while smiling!)

Picture #3…is just a fun picture if my husband & I.  We have always enjoyed each other and laughed a lot but now we have even more fun.  I’m able to enjoy a much more active lifestyle and, because I feel so much better, I have much more confidence in myself and feel much younger.  We’re able to find new ways to spend time together by finding ways to keep active.  I’m very excited about being 52 next month as I’m in better shape than I’ve been in anytime during my life!

p.s. its fun to feel good about how you look but it’s more fun to feel good.

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you again for helping me find health!