Welcome: Nutrition and You
More and more people are beginning a journey to wellness and optimal health. They are reading, listening and discussing the avalanche of information that has become available. You, the general public are being exposed to more nutritional information than at any other time. Although there have been many articles and releases in the last ten years, the nutritional data can seem to contradict itself. The media is overrun
with the latest nutritional news.. Papers and airways are filled with “facts” that contradict the “facts” that headlined the week before. What is a health seeking person to do?

Throughout the ages there have been constant advances in nutritional health and medicine. What is different today are the many accessible avenues open to travel to achieve an increased quality of life. More and more people are willing and able to incorporate those advances. The life expectation has increased from 49.24 years at the beginning of the century to 77.2 years at this present time. Medical break- through's are being announced daily, but what is most exciting for me is the acceptance of nutrition and how it interacts with ones daily life.

Thirty years ago nutritionists worked mainly in hospitals and institutions. Those of us who were busy studying and practicing the “New Nutrition”outside of these buildings were a small group of professionals passionately intent upon using nutrition in a totally different way. Helping clients to resolve many of their chronic health problems by creating programs to restore balance has always been and still remains my focus today. One of the most compelling ideas was the need to recognize the importance of biochemical individuality as a prime consideration. Those of us who practiced in this way were often considered to be outcasts to the medical community. Today we are considered to be mainstream and work closely and harmoniously with the medical profession.

For you, the AWARE audience, I applaud your perseverance. It was your willingness to embrace these teachings that enabled nutrition to become mainstream in today’s society. Your openness to hear, your willingness to try, your sincerity to share the success have been the cornerstone of this advancement. When your programs worked helping you to regain balance you eagerly told friends and family. You spread the message that health is built on a foundation constructed by nutritional ingredients. Keep up the good work. Only you control your destiny.