I hope that the information you’ll find here will provide the spark for you to learn more, to continue to explore, to become a seeker in your own well-being. My regiments are designed to work together to provide you with the best vitality and health possible. But even if you do just one regimen, one section of the program, it can help. Success can be measured in steps. If you are not ready to try every step, you can still be successful in achieving positive results-and a sense of taking charge of yourself, your body, your soul. You should go to health practitioners, nutritionists, and doctors to get advice. But in the end, you have to make the decision. You can’t be led blindly. You provide the energy that comes from deciding to be well; the positive thinking that gets the carrot peeled or walks you to the health food store.

But as with any regimen or change in lifestyle, please check with your own health practitioner before beginning any suggestions.

And never stop taking any medication without a physician’s knowledge and approval.

I wish you a wonderful quality of life. I wish you well. Enjoy my book. I hope it takes you far in healing from the inside out.

“A time-tested healing program of complementary therapies that will help you attain and maintain a strong, healthy body and a sharp, confident mind.”

Whole Life Times

“Puhn offers a time –tested healing program of complementary therapies that include diet, vitamins and minerals, herbs, homeopathic remedies and robotics that will help anyone attain- and maintain-a strong , healthy body and s sharp, confident mind… [She] guides you, step-by-step. To becoming your own health detective so that you can discover the solution to the mystery your body is trying to unravel.”

Arizona Networking News

“[A] practical program…She’s especially good at explaining the links between symptoms and underlying conditions, which guide readers to becoming their own ‘Health Detectives” This well-organized, easy-to-read reference explains the seemingly unrelated elements that can keep you from operating at your best.”

Belle Magazine


Healing from the inside out: A Natural Health Program That Reveals the True Source of Your Symptoms cover .