A report in The New York Times states it as “epidemic, spreading to young children and can no longer be called Adult onset Diabetes only”. There seems to be a casual disregard for life threatening diseases. People are now accepting-high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol as part of normal aging. They are not paying serious enough attention to the warning signs…that these diseases are showing up earlier and earlier. It is not unusual to hear of thirty year olds who struggle with the increased risk factors showing up at their annual medical evaluation. Breast cancer has been linked to high insulin levels. Although life span is increasing and we continue to make progress treating certain illnesses, the average person is not doing enough to assure themselves of a vibrant, quality existence. Anxiety, depression, and fatigue are accepted too often as a normal part of life.

Research has overwhelmingly linked diet to the decline in health. Learning how to use foods and supplements in a totally different way…balancing deficiencies, controlling blood sugar, and eliminating the negative elements within the body all serve to restore vibrancy in the most exciting way. Nutritional counseling is for everyone, not only for those who have an existing illness, or who battle their extra pounds with a diet that no longer works. Nutritional counseling is for those who want to be pro-active in their lives; for those of you who want to make a difference in the way you look and feel.

In Adele’s new book The Carb-Careful Solution released January 2004 she says, “I am passionate about wanting to help all of you, convince you to change your habits so you don’t walk in your parents’ footsteps. When you direct your body to function better, you will fell remarkably better. You will feel better in your mind and in your heart. Your days will become more enjoyable; you will feel more energetic and passionate about life again. You will get in touch with that joie de vivre that makes you want to call an old friend, start a new book, or run up the side of a mountain.”

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Client Praise

Hi Adele,

When I got off the phone from my appointment with Adele, I had tears in my eyes. My husband asked me what was wrong. I told him that it felt incredible that I finally found someone who understood what was happening with me and could help me after all these years of struggling.

Thank you so much, Adele!
Lea Sloan, Client