“Adele Puhn saved my life! I came to her for a weight problem but suddenly began a long treatment of chemotherapy which resulted in chronic fatigue and pain. Luckily, I was following her structured nutritional program and it gave me the energy to continue work and resume my life. Otherwise, I believe I would have been completely debilitated for these eleven months.

—James Bonczek,
Child Psychotherapis

“Adele’s system not only organizes a sensible way of eating, but also a sensible way of living.”

—Glenn DuBose
Managing Director Cultural and Arts Programs, Thirteen/WNET

“The 5-Day Miracle Diet is a godsend. Food may be the most powerful drug you will ever take, and it has a direct effect on the quality of your life. The book teaches you to eat foods that effectively regulate your blood sugar, insulin, and glucagon. Your body will not only burn fat and lose weight, but you will fight heart disease, diabetes, fatigue, depression, cancer, and chronic diseases. Your body can achieve ultimate efficiency and optimal health.”

——Richard N. Ash, M.D.
Medical Center of the Ash Center of Comprehensive Medicine

“Bravo Adele has magnificently captured years of work and experience in a sound and complete program. This book clearly identifies the emotional, behavioral, and physiological aspects that contribute to over eating and weight gain. With compassion and tenderness this book offers tools and insights to successfully deal with all aspects of overeating. Adele has combined all the right ingredients so that the readers come away learning how to be good to themselves, take care of their minds and bodies, and lose weight in the process.”

——Sandra Kronberg, M.S., R.D., C.N.,
President of the Eating Disorder Council of Long Island