“Growing up as the “skinny one” in a family of overweight people, I never thought I would ever have a weight problem. Once I started gaining, I couldn't understand where the weight was coming from and why nothing seemed to help me lose it. Adele Puhn introduced me to the idea that I may be insulin resistant. Ever since I embraced this possibility, my life changed; I can’t imagine what my life would be like without this knowledge.”

—Priya Akhoury,
25, Public Relations Executive

“For those of us who suffer from the tyranny of blood sugar—gyrating moods, never enough energy, roller coaster weight, life that falls short of our biggest dreams and expectations because we lack that extra umph, this book is for you. Adele Puhn sorts out the conflicting issues that perplex our diet crazed culture and provides a scientific blueprint for managing and mastering your metabolic advantage. Control your chemistry and you control much more than your waistline. You control your health, your outlook, your performance. Indeed, your very destiny.”

—Kelly Welles

“Adele Puhn has changed my weight, my outlook, and my life.

—Marie Rao,
President, Limited Brands

“Adele Puhn saved my life! I came to her for a weight problem but suddenly began a long treatment of chemotherapy which resulted in chronic fatigue and pain. Luckily, I was following her structured nutritional program and it gave me the energy to continue work and resume my life. Otherwise, I believe I would have been completely debilitated for these eleven months.

—James Bonczek,
Child Psychotherapis

“This book is a brilliant expression of Adele’s passion, insights, experience and talents. The connection between blood sugar regulation and wellness has long been her area of expertise and this book graciously provides theory, treatment and hope at a time when it is urgently needed.”

—Sondra Kronberg, M.S., R.D., CDN,
Co-Founder and Director, Eating Wellness Programs, New York

“Adele Puhn is on the “A” list of experts for my show. Few people can talk about impaired sugar metabolism with as much passion and authority as she can. Not just because she has counseled countless clients… but because she has lived it and struggled through her own sugar addiction. Reading the book was like having a conversation with a loving teacher.”

—Mary Mucci, C.N.,
Host of Metro television’s The Natural Health Show

“Concerns about weight gain, high cholesterol, and lack of energy are prevalent in many patients today. Adele Puhn’s new book THE CARB CAREFUL DIET is a step by step guide to the successful management of these important health concerns. By controlling your glucose levels through this diet, you can slim down, look better, feel invigorated and live longer!”

—Laura Corio, M.D.,
Author of The Change Before the Change

“Adele Puhn’s latest book explains why we need carbs, why our body chemistry goes awry, and why we must do something before it’s too late. No potential dieter should begin a program before reading Adele Puhn’s book.”

—Gary Wagner,
Executive Producer and Host, Alternative Medicine Televisio

“Adele Puhn has topped herself! As wonderful as her past books were, she now takes weight and feeling great to a whole new level. This is a book for the way we live today.”

—Phil Dusenberry,
Chairman, BBDO North America

“When I am on THE MIDLIFE MIRACLE DIET I feel energized and positive. I don’t crave and I lose weight!”

—Janine C. DiNatale,
Mother of two

“I am fifty-eight years old and have lost thirty pounds on THE MIDLIFE MIRACLE DIET. I feel years younger with a renewed energy. I bless the day I met Adele Puhn.”

—Fran Gusmano